Tm raw wood

The 1st Generation refers to the first items you will be able to have on the surface in Dig Deep Mode . It consists of the wood tools. Wooden Pickaxes , Wooden Hatchet, Wood Shield, Wooden Shovel, Wood Bow , Wooden Spear, and the Wooden Sword are all tools in 1st generation. They are easy and cheap to aquire, and blueprints are automatically avaliable use for players. They degrade quickly, and Wooden Pickaxes can only mine up to Basalt blocks.

1st Generation ItemsEdit

  • Wooden PickaxeGo to Wooden Pickaxe
  • Wooden HatchetGo to Wooden Hatchet
  • Wooden ShovelGo to Wooden Shovel
  • Wooden SwordGo to Wooden Sword
  • Wooden SpearGo to Wooden Spear
  • Wooden ShieldGo to Wood Shield

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