The Arcade Machine is an interactive block in Total Miner: Forge, which can used to play either Total Invaders or Total Rush

Description Edit

"Arcade Games to bring back the good old times."

Uses Edit

To play either the Total Invaders or Total Rush mini-games.

Required Tool(s) Edit

How to ObtainEdit

To craft you require 2 Powered Lights in the slot 1 and 3, Glass in slot 2, 2 Steel Bars in slots 4 and 6, a Switch in slot 5, and Wood Planks along the bottom row (slots 7-9). It could also be purchased at the Block Shop for 18,770 gold pieces, and be sold for 15,642 gold pieces.

How it WorksEdit

This block allows the player to play either the game "Total Invaders" or "Total Rush" within the block. To switch between games, you simply must switch the block texture to the game you want to play.

When the player equips gold pieces and swings them while targeting the block, it will add a "credit" to the block, and take away a specified number of gold pieces depending on the selected game (Total Invaders is one gold piece per credit, Total Rush is two gold pieces per credit). The player must then swing their opposite hand at the block to start playing the selected game. If the block does not have any credits, it will display "Game Over' on the block if a player swings at it using anything excluding gold pieces

Total Invaders: The player can use the left analog stick to move and the 'A' button to shoot. The game plays similarly to "Space Invaders" but is much faster, has different visual and auditory assets, with other subtle differences. The player moves along the bottom of the screen and shoots upward. The enemy will start near the top, continually shooting while moving downward. Additional lives/ships are randomly dropped by ships that fly on the top of the screen when destroyed.

Total Rush: The player uses the left analog stick to move, and the right analog stick to turn their ship and fire simultaneously. The player can also use either the left bumper or right bumper to use a "Smartbomb". The player is invulnerable during the blast shake of a Smartbomb. Smartbombs are also used as additional fire power for the player, and as extra lives in the form of tail ships. A player's ship can be shot through excluding a small red section within the center, and when hit will either sacrifice a tail ship or be Game Over.

Skill Statistics Edit


  • By scoring 20,000 or more points in the Total Invaders game, the player will unlock the InvaderMan Avatar Skin.
  • Similar to Total Invaders, if a player scores 1,750,000 or more point in the Total Rush game, they will also unlock the InvaderMan Avatar Skin.


  • When rapidly putting coins into the machine, the amount of credits may reset.


Videos, photos, and top scores can be displayed in this section.

Second recorded Total Invaders 20,000 Points07:56

Second recorded Total Invaders 20,000 Points

Total Invaders gameplay.


  • There have been other reported games based from unfinished blocks, the most infamous of them being "Total Pengo". There has been no additional information on these different games.

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