Bones Block

Bones is an uncommon find that is dropped by spiders. Bones will officially be interacted in update 2.0. Currently, this block is a hidden block/easter egg in Total Miner similar to Arcade Machines. The block appears to have a skull and crossbones as while the entire block is clear and glitched. The block allows you to see through the ground and view man-made sections as well as spawned tunnles, therefore finding bones will help lead to finding caverns.

Bones can only be destroyed with a Diamond Sword or possibly a Diamond Spear also. (TNT , C4, and grenades can naturally). Sometimes after the block has been sitting in that space for long enough time it will scream when being hit. (Same as the spider eggs but constant with every hit).

Recently The block has been found again but with a higher quality picture of the skull and crossbones with the name "Not Used 2" but it holds the same physics as the old block

While pressing 'Y' to prospect you will notice it says this. "A grisly find Be watchful, skeletons are here." Unfortunately, the block has no purpose yet, but it will most likely be used to spawn a skeleton mob if introduced in later updates.


Total Miner episode 9 What is the Bone Block (answer)01:27

Total Miner episode 9 What is the Bone Block (answer)

File:Glitches in Total Miner, Bones, and arcade machines.
Getting Bones in my Spider Box on Total Miner08:11

Getting Bones in my Spider Box on Total Miner

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