A Bug (or Glitch) is defined as an unintended fault in the programming. Bugs can have a positive or negative affect on the game. Things that look like bugs, while they may look like bugs, are often not.

Major BugsEdit

Major bugs have a profound effect on gameplay, and could possibly corrupt a save.

Blue Screen of DeathEdit

The notorious "Blue Screen of Death" was a major occuring error that caused grievances for many players (until the 1.5 Update when it was mostly fixed). Commonly the bug would appear once a player had reached the bottom of a Dig Deep world or had created so many structures/designs on their world (either mode) that when they saved or if they continued creating more structures/designs on their world the game would in effect 'overload' as it would require a large amount of memory. Once the bug had appeared a player would have to return to the dashboard and they would have lost all progress since their last save on their world.
Blue screen

Blue Screen of Death

Minor BugsEdit

Minor bugs (also known as glitches) are annoyances that can however be easily fixed.

Examples include:

  • When loading onto a online server, it is possible to become stuck halfway into the ground. It seems to have an increased chance when submersed.
  • It is possible to obtain a water block without a bucket.
  • When flying, jumping or climbing ladders, it becomes easier to become stuck within a block. When this happens you move slowly in the opposite dierection you are using the controller to move. This bug lets you see cave systems nearby.
  • it is also possible to obtain a water block when choosing which block you want for creative flatland
  • In Update 1.8 spiders will die multiple times for unknown reasons causing the killfeed to take up a portion of the left screen, sometimes when a player doesn't actually fight a spider they somehow end up killing too many spiders by mistake.
  • It is possible to duplicate items when they are being smelted on a laggy server, once the item is finished smelting, the host takes the items out of the furnace, then another player can take the same items from the furnace, therefore duplicating them

Fixed BugsEdit

Bugs that no longer exist in game (must be completely fixed).

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