A Cloud Block.

The Cloud is a special block, sharing its texture with overhead clouds, being the only completely solid block that can be passed through normally, supports semi-transparency, and can be retextured.

Description Edit

"This is not an internet based digital storage block. It is a traditional cloud, a visible mass of liquid droplets or frozen crystals made of water or various chemicals suspended in the atmosphere above the surface. You know, \"I can see clearly now the Cloud has gone.\""

Uses Edit

  • Being a full sized block that can be passed through normally

Material and Tool EfficiencyEdit

Material: Vapor

Resistance: 1000

Pickaxe Efficiency 70%

Shovel Efficiency 100%

Hatchet Efficiency 50%

Weapon Efficiency 30%

How To Obtain Edit

  • Cannot be obtain naturally as of Version 2.5, requiring the player to purchase it at a Block Shop, or randomly from killing a monster.

Skill Statistics Edit

Building Level Requirement: Level 36

Experience Per Use: 2.8 Exp.

Mining Level Requirement: Level 36

Experience Per Use: 1.1 Exp.

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