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Day Night First Cut00:19

Day Night First Cut

Note:This video only shows the Day/Night Cycle whilst it was under development.

The Day/Night Cycle was added in the 1.8 update for Total Miner as a daily rise and set of daytime. It features the level of light increasing and decreasing over the course of in-game time in a player's world.

Day time was constant in Total Miner (with the exception of worlds using map seeds like 2400 and 666), so the light level never changes on the surface. The Sun can be found above the game world as it constantly changes the level of illumination in the game, During Night time the mobs such as zombies and dryads will home into the players with the zombies advancing while the dryads provide suppressive fire so players won't be able to kill the zombies if the dryads have them surrounded so the best strategy to use is to attack within your shelter since dryads have little or no fire delay between shots.


  • Night is possible to get when creating a new world by using the map seed 2400 which allows you to make your world have a constant night time sky with a decreased amount of light, however it does not change to a day time so the decreased level of light will remain the same constantly. However, there are visiable clouds in the sky rather than stars.
  • There will be a sun and moon in the sky while cycling acorrding to the dev diaries. There will be slowly moving clouds and stars in the sky.

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