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Diablos are currently the strongest mob in total miner. They have the highest health statistics and damage output. They can also easily 1-2 hit a player who is not properly equipped/leveled (If applicable skill system has been turned on).

Behavior/Tips Edit

They spawn on the surface during night, rarely accompanied by another. They tend to spawn by themselves with no other Diablo spawning naturally nearby. Diablo are guaranteed to spawn in the "Nexus" on dig deep mode, as there are several spawners spread throughout the area.

Due to their high damage and health, it is recommended to only fight one Diablo at a time without distractions. These mobs are considered a "boss mob" currently by players. If you are not using a shield badge, the fights are considerably more challenging.

"Diablo" Combat Levels

  • Combat 93
  • Health 120
  • Attack 80
  • Strength 140
  • Defense 60
  • Ranged 1


Killing a Diablo mob with a Ruby Sword in Normal difficulty will unlock the Diablo avatar skin.

This feat is not to be taken lightly, and it must be done in Dig Deep or Survival on normal/legendary mode.

Some Tips for unlocking it

  • Trap one on its own in a player made cage.
  • Have your inventory set up as food/ruby sword apart from one slot for a shield badge.
  • Switch inventory slots through your left hand so you can constantly hit and heal.
  • Using a Ring Of Ice will make the fight a lot easier and cause the player to use less food in battle.
  • Keep a teleporter close to the area you are fighting. If you die it can de-spawn.

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