Dryad's have essentially the same behavior as Djinn. They carry Wood Bows and shoot a variety of arrows depending on the current Game Mode. These are the main archers you will come across in most game zones since they do not require a specific biome to spawn.

Behavior/Statistics Edit

Dryad are archers so they will mainly attack from a distance. They will only shoot what they can see, so if you are correctly behind cover they cannot harm you. They are a weaker version of their Djinn Counter-Part

However, if you are on legendary mode, they will shoot flame/boom arrows that can burn/destroy other blocks.

"Dryad" Combat Levels

  • Combat 27
  • Health 24
  • Attack 15
  • Strength 10
  • Defense 4
  • Ranged 40


  • Dryads were formally Indians when first added in the 1.8 update, However this was only a place-holder untill they could get a new model made for them.
  • Previously, they would shoot boom arrows at you no matter where you were on survival, even if you were underground and out of sight.
  • You can evade all attacks if you run directly in front of them, and remained crouched while attacking.

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