An Elven Bow is one of the new Rare Items released with the 1.8 update. The Elven Bow can only be found in treasure chests in caves.


The Elven Bow is a very useful ranged combat weapon, superior in all respects to the Wood Bow. It has very high durability, and does not use up any arrows when in use. A single arrow at least must be equipped with the bow for it to be used, but the arrow will not be used upon firing. This saves the player a lot of gold pieces, as only one arrow of the desired type needs to be purchased.

Hints and TipsEdit

  • An Elven Bow, when used with boom arrows, allows for rapid mining. Stand back away from the direction you wish to mine, and repeatedly fire boom arrows to quickly create a cave. NOTE: Most ores will be destroyed by boom arrows, so valuble ores can be lost using this method.

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