Prisoner Avatar Skin

The Prisoner Avatar Skin is unlocked when using the option escape.

Escape is an option in the pause menu that brings the player back to the surface/spawn point. The escape option is found under player options. When using this option, all items and blocks on the player are left behind, however, the player can find them again in the location the player has escaped from.

Escape is very useful when getting lost in Dig Deep in search of blueprints and with little materials at hand.

When a player escapes, they will normally go to the worlds default spawn point, however, if a spawn zone is in effect, they will spawn there instead.

Upon first using this option, you will earn yourself the Prisoner Avatar Skin after first use.


  • When a player uses the escape option, all blocks and items are dropped in the same spot they were in before. Some reports say that a Wooden Pickaxe would remain in the players inventory. It is unknown whether this is intentional or a bug, however, since they are the most useless tool in the game (They can be obtained for free at the Item Shop, and the player starts out with one). (Still needs verification. Don't expect this bug to occur. )

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