Total miner fences

Fence being crafted with 6 sticks filling the center row and bottom row slots.

A Fence is a partly decorative, partly functional piece of scenery. It prevents people from falling off edges, or denotes a path. It looks like a wooden 'plus' symbol.

It can be crafted at a workbench when the player has found its blueprints. It is crafted using 5 wooden planks, placing one on the upper, lower and center left squares, one in the center square and one on the center right square. You can purchase these for around 100 gold pieces and sell them for around 33 gold pieces.

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  • Fences as of yet don't work well when used on corners, however they will be updated soon (as developers did mention it was a work-in-progress). They don't make a 90 degree angle, instead just being straight and not Snapping together on the sides. This makes placing fences on corners aesthetically undesirable. They also get placed on the center of the square, as opposed to the edge like doors. This can create difficulties with neatness.
  • Fences will be modified in the 1.8 update. Tables are also an addition in the update and can be made with a fence.

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