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  • Bold the page title's name its content (only the first displayed). To bold, use the bold option on the edit tool bar above the edit region, or use three (3) apostrophes on each side of the selected text.
For Example:
'''Page Title'''
  • To indicate a word/symbols without the Wiki reformating it, use the <nowiki> tag.
For Example:
  • Italicize product titles at least once per page, such as Total Miner, with two (2) apostrophes on each side of the selected text.
For Example:
''Product Title''
  • To use special symbols, go to source mode and select "more/+". A template will displaying most of all the special symbols/punctuation to be used in articles. Select any symbol needed for the article, and it should appear at wherever the cursor has selected in that article.
  • Use the Clear Template (type {{clear}}) to separate crammed content with space (transfers content to the nearest space for it to fit the maximum width of the page) wherever is need.

Add more tips if needed.

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