GT - Total Miner

Gold pieces (left) being held. They are needed in order to use the Total Invaders block.

Gold Pieces are the currency used in Total Miner. It is used to buy any items in the Block Shop or Item Shop once they are unlocked by acquiring their blueprint for the particular item or block. They are otherwise used as credits to play Total Invaders, an Arcade Mini-Game within Total Miner .

Gold pieces can be obtained through looting it from treasure chests, or from selling items to the shops. The player will start out with some gold pieces when joining a world for the first time.

If 100 gold pieces are available, you can smelt them in the Furnace to make one gold bar. Also, you can smelt gold bars in a furnace to make gold pieces.

Tips for earning money can be found here: Forum:Money Making Tips.

Description Edit

Uses Edit

These uses are shops to buy almost anything or smelt it into gold bars

How To Obtain Edit

sell blocks or items and if your lucky or an adventurer find them in caves and get them from those crazy monsters!

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most items, gold can be stacked up to 64000.
  • Gold pieces are required and used in Dig Deep to survive. In Creative Mode, finite money must be turned on under creative on the pause menu.
  • You can tell how many gold pieces you have but due to the brightness of the gold pieces, it causes problems in counting how many there; Gold pieces are sometimes hard to tell how many gold pieces there are in the slot.
  • Gold pieces are not craftable, but only smelted by gold bars.

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