Half Block

Half Block.

Half blocks are a craftable block created from 3 wooden planks, And only used in crafting recipes and for cosmetic use

A half block is half the size of a normal block and does not need players to jump to get ontop of them.

Description Edit

Half the size of a normal block and has what appears to be a wooden plank texture.

The block's description reads: "Half of a block."

Uses Edit

Its only use is in the Multi-Texture Block Crafting Recipe

Required Tool(s) Edit

None, beds can be broken with any tier tool including your fist.

Skill Statistics Edit

  • Building Level Requirement: Level 0
  • Experience Per Use: 1 Exp
  • Crafting Level Requirement: Level 6
  • Experience Per Use 1.3 Exp



The block has acess to the Multi-Texture Feature, which allows players to select upto 16 different textures of their choice.

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