Total Miner 2


Hell (aka Spider Cave), is a demonic open hell-like world occasionally found at about 900 depth.


There is a vast amount of lava pools and spider eggs that can be a threat to you. However, it contains many minerals such as sulphur, iron, coal, carbon, and rarely diamond. If one were to keep digging, they would eventually find the second level of hell at around 3000 depth.

Pools of lava pose an imminent threat, although containing many valuable minerals. spider eggs do not generate in lava pools, so one can deliberately mine extremely valuable minerals like diamond, ruby, gold, greenstone, carbon, in the first level of Hell and titanium, uranium, and platinum in the second level of Hell.

There is a high number of spider spawning by Spider Eggs only in the first level of Hell. Spiders tend to take damage from lava, and can sometimes accommodate drops when killed. One can easily create a farm of spiders taking damage from lava to collect the drops in a pool of lava (as lava has no affect against drops) or in a collecting station.

Note: Spiders only appear when difficulty is not peaceful and combat is on.


Note: No longer works after update 1.8

  • The game may, but not always, crash if there is a cave-in.
  • Hell can also be called the Spider Cave, Nether, Underworld, Hades, or Lava World.

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