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A Key is a new item that unlocks locked doors and locked chests. It was added in the 1.8 update.  Each key has a different property can have. For example, the Undead key is used to ward off zombies, and the Skeleton key is used to open locked chests and locked doors.

Keys come in 27 different variants but there is one key called the skeleton key which can unlock locked doors and locked chests. Other keys are mostly for looks rather then performing any special effects for the current update.

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  • The Undead Key has the appearance of a ripped rotten arm. It could be a refrence to Zombies in Call Of Duty:Black Ops 2 in the Game Mode Tranzit where a arm is used as a part to build the Power Switch.
  • The Skeleton Key is the only key in the game to unlock all locked doors and chests.
  • Keys can be assigned to locked doors and locked chests so that only that type of key can open that specific locked item.

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