Unlock Requirement

  • "Plant 20 saplings,
  • Chop 20 replanted tree
  • Craft 80 wood planks

The Lumberjack Avatar Skin can only be unlocked in the Dig Deep game mode. It is unlocked by planting 20 saplings, then chopping down those 20 saplings once they become trees, and finally crafting the wood you get from those trees into wood planks 80 in total.

Description Edit

A grown man with a large bead and orange jumper that resembles Paul Bunyan

Tips Edit

Players should Clear out a large area and spam some saplings down, and come back later when they have all grown, Should not take too long to chop down the tree's using a Hatchet.


The default text for the Lumberjack Avatar Skin when it is placed by a NPC spawner block is "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?" This could be a reference to a difficult question that's commonly said about the woodchuck's life.

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