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Total Miner Forge On The Moon14:34

Total Miner Forge On The Moon

Moon Map Seed

Map Seed is an option that was added in the v1.5 update and seeds have now changed when using seeds from pre1.8 worlds. This option allows you to choose a map seed. The map seed is the layout of the map. A map seed is randomly generated, but may be edited. This allows players to note down seeds from previous worlds, meaning that the terrain is re-used again.


  • You cannot change the map seed once the world is created.
  • There is not currently a map seed for a "Survival Island" in Total Miner, but the survival island played by AdventuresOfUmmm was a shared map created by another player.
  • Special seeds are disabled as of

Special Map SeedsEdit

Special map seeds currently do not work/generate in versions after version 1.8, and will be backed up in a later update.

  • Entering 777 (Universal Jackpot number) creates a world in which titanium is more common. Caves are generated with torches already placed. (needs verification) (Torches confirmed)
  • Entering 2400 creates a world which is in night, spider eggs are placed on the surface. Map seed 666 also has poor surface lighting.
  • Entering 20071969 (named because of the Apollo 11 moon landing date, 20th July 1969) creates a moon-like world. This seed is named the most popular map seed according to the Total Miner Wiki Polls.
  • Entering 7201969 also creates a moon-like world , but with a different structure to 20071969. This is the Month/Date/Year version of the moon landing of Apollo 11 (July the 20th, 1969).
  • Entering 31337 (Leet for "elite") generates a world with abundant titanium. (needs verification)
  • Entering 985632741 Generates you near a big cave, with two easy to get to chests with 9 obsidian and 3 opal.
  • Entering 11223344 is a world where titanium is found in depths of 974-2014. (needs verification)

Fake Special Map SeedsEdit

This is a list of falsely advertised seeds which were mislabeled, in order to deceive players into wasting their time.

  • 91210 generates a world full of really tall trees.
  • Entering 1700 generates a world at dusk.
  • Entering 420 generates a world with many crusty basterdblueprints on the surface and lots of iron but, it is a very small map.
  • Entering 80085 generates a world where Gold is everywhere on the surface of the world.
  • 90210 generates a world full of holes with torches and easy blueprints inside.
  • 8493 generates an underground Spider Cave with no exit (no caves intersecting it). Also cant use word seeds such as (WarFace) And (LimoZinne)


Total Miner Forge On The Moon14:34

Total Miner Forge On The Moon

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Total Miner How to enter the World of Beast!

The World of the Beast

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Total Miner How to play With Night Time Setting! 1.6 Update!

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