Marker Block.

A Marker is a yellow and white block with a yellow 'X' in the center. This block can be used to fill or copy up to a 64x64x64 space of blocks at once, setting one at the point you want the structure to start and the second on where you want it to end. The depth of the new set of blocks can also be determined by placing a marker block in the desired depth.

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Uses Edit

Markers are exceedingly helpful, as it allows very large spaces to be filled in, without placing blocks down one at a time. They can also be used for thecopy/paste featureandcomponents.See:Copy/Paste.

There are currently three uses to markers; zones, fill, and clear. Zones are used to authorized a confined area in bothDig DeepandCreative. Fill places a selected block type in the area and clear destroys allblocksin the area.

Required Tool(s) Edit

How to ObtainEdit

Markers can be obtained in Survival and Dig Deep by drops by spiders or can be bought in the Item Shop.


Total Miner Forge - Fill Feature and Grenade Launcher Show Off!05:57

Total Miner Forge - Fill Feature and Grenade Launcher Show Off!

Mark out the area with markers that you wished to be filled in. When marked, press 'start' on the controller, then choose 'creative'. Select the "fill" option, then choose which block you want the space to be filled in with.

If using markers for zones, place at least two markers and press start. Go to game then zones and a list of zones will show. Create a new zone (all markers placed by that player are affected) and a new zone will be created.

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