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Total Miner Forge On The Moon14:34

Total Miner Forge On The Moon

The Moon in Total Miner was a Special Seed when a player entered either 20071969 or 7201969 as the map seed when first creating a world. The seed is based off of our moon. The sky was pure black, and had a lower gravitational pull than any other map seed available, both players and spiders are affected by this.

In Dig Deep, players would start out with 1,000 gold pieces, 2 obsidian, and 1 Steel Pickaxe; spawning in any ordinary spawn point. The surface is made of tuff.


  • This seed no longer works after the 1.8 update, along with every other "Special Seed".
  • You do not unlock the Astronaut Avatar Skin by entering the world, with the exception of it being the 10th remote world visited.
  • When first creating the map seed with a flat surface, you have the ability to select a block type for its surface and its caves. The world will not appear to be completely flat with the exception of selecting either water or lava.
  • The seed numbers are in reference to Apollo 11's moon landing date.

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