NPCSpawn Block.

The NPCSpawn block is used to spawn NPCs in-game, in which allow for custom names, dialog, and the ability to run scripts when talked to. The block itself can also be retextured.

Description Edit

"Place these blocks to spawn Non Player Characters."

Uses Edit

  • To spawn Non-Player Characters (NPCs) into the world.

Material and Tool EfficiencyEdit

Material: Composite

Resistance: 1800

Pick Efficiency: 100%

Shovel Efficiency: 70%

Hatchet Efficiency: 70%

Weapon Efficiency: 40%

How To Obtain Edit

Crafted from a Spider Egg ind the 2nd slot, a Switch in the 5th slot, and 3 Steel Ingots in the 7th-9th slots (bottom row).

How it WorksEdit

When the NPCSpawn is interacted with, a list of options will appear: NPC, Name, Speech, Show Owner, Talk Script, and Texture.

  • The NPC option allows a player to choose the NPC to spawn from a list of available NPCs. It has a similar interface to selecting an avatar unlockable for a player to wear, and has a count as to how many of a certain NPC exist in the world.
  • The Name option allows a player to input a name for the NPC, which will appear over their dialog. This can be left empty.
  • The Speech option allows a player to input the speech of the NPC when interacted with. This option can be empty and will make the NPC unable to be interacted with.
  • The Show Owner option is an option that determines if the player who had placed the NPC will show at the bottom of the NPCs dialog when interacted with. This will also prevent other players, even those with elevated permissions, from being able to change the NPC.
  • The Talk Script option allows the player to input a script from the available scripts created. A player must have the Admin permission to set a Talk Script.
  • The Texture option allows a player to set the texture of the NPCSpawn block itself, just like any other block that can be retextured.

To talk to the NPC, a player must swing an item (cannot be a block) at the NPC.

Skill Statistics Edit

Building Level Requirement: Level 43

Experience Per Block: 3.15

Crafting Level Requirement: Level 43

Experience Per Item: 3.15

Mining Level Requirement: Level 43

Experience Per Block: 1.9

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