Punching is an action by using the right trigger (RT) when there is not an item in the player's right hand at the time. This action was added in the 1.7 update in Total Miner.


In order to punch the player must not have a tool equipped to your avatar/player.

Since update 1.7, players have the ability to punch other players (if PvP is enabled) and enemy mobs (which deals about half the damage of a wood sword) or punch blocks to harvest soft material.

Your punch is only capable of breaking glass, sand, dirt, clay and colored blocks (Such as grey or yellow).


  • Your avatar's arm doesn't appear to be attached to the rest of your avatar's body when you punch.
  • Whatever avatar skin the player is using, when they punch their outstretched arm will always look like the arm from the boy avatar.
  • Punching does very little damage to other players and enemies unless a player continuously hits another player/enemy for a lengthy period of time. Taking out a weapon from the inventory rather than punching is advised when in danger and imminent death.

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