There are a number of rare items in Total Miner: Forge that are very valuable and useful to the player. These items cannot be made though crafting, smelting or cooking, onlu by finding them hidden in chests within cave systems (often guarded by spiders).A rare item is unlocked if you collect it or prospect it

Below is a list of all known rare items in the game.

List of all known rare items
Item name Description Buy value Sell value
Amulet of Flight Allows the player to activiate flying mode. 900,000 720,000
Battle Axe A melee weapon. The most powerful welee weapon in the game. 170,000 142,000
Ten League Boots Wearable boots allowing extra defence, no falling damage and reduced gravity. -- --
Water Talisman Allows you to breathe underwater without drowning -- --
Shield Badge A shield which grants the player huge defence bonuses.  72,000
Elven Bow A bow which can shoot without consuming arrows. 500,000

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