Sentry Turret

Sentry Turret Block.

The Sentry Turret is a grey metallic block with small black squares/ holes in each side. You can purchase this block in the second page under the camouflage block in the Block Shop.

Description Edit

Uses Edit

Sentry turrets requires abowor agrenade Launcherto shoot and an abundant amount of ammunition to keep firing,Bows only can shootarrowsandgrenade launcherscan only shootgrenades. Sentry turrets can have more than one firingweapon, but they do take up space for the ammunition.

You can change what it shoots at by highlighting and selecting a group to shoot it's ammunition on. There are 4 different groups and multiple groups can be selected at a time. Checkmarking the owner will shoot the owner of the world; admins will shoot the admins currently in the world; mobs will shoot mobs; players will only shoot players; everything, owner/admin/players/mobs and it will kill everything in line of sight till it runs out of ammo or when it's destroyed by aSledge Hammer,Titanium Pickaxe

Required Tool(s) Edit

How to Obtain Edit

Skill Statistics Edit


  • Rate of Fire: Normal (with arrows) Slow (with Grenades)
  • Accuracy: 33.0% (long range) 81.2% (mid-Range) 97.4%-98.8% (close range)
  • Lock-on Range: 0-25 blocks away
  • Ability: "Can fire from multiple sides if the enemy is placed on the other side of the sentry turret"
  • Strong vs: Mobs or in groups.

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