Single Player is a mode that does not require internet connection, and is an alternative to playing split screen or using the system link feature on an Xbox.

Single player is played by only one player. Multiplayer is when multiple players are in the game, the antonym of single player. Single player can be played on any worlds that you have saved, even if they were created in Multiplayer.

To play single player, select Play then Local.

Note: Once you've loaded Total Miner, if you disconnect from the internet you can still play on single player, but you can't load Total Miner from the Xbox dashboard wihout internet connection.

Advantages of Single Player:Edit

  • Privacy of all ordinary chests and stored items.
  • Building without vandalism and disturbance happening in other parts of the world (troll-free).
  • No need to take charge and look after the player permissions.

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