A player using a Sledgehammer

Sledge Hammers are the One Hit Wonder tool that is a must-have for any player who invests their time in the game Total Miner: Forge. They are capable of destroying most blocks with a single hit, making them the fastest mining option available aside from explosives.

Description Edit

"The One Hit Wonder. A different approach to block destruction. Spider can drop these, but only if you hit rock bottom"

Uses Edit

How To ObtainEdit

There are currently two different ways to obtain a Sledge Hammer. If you are playing in Creative Mode, you may acquire them at the Item Shop.

The other way, which is the only way to obtain them in Dig Deep mode, is to mine all the way down and prospect bedrock (Press 'Y' in order to prospect it). Once you have prospected bedrock, you will see a message notifying you that "Spiders will now drop Sledge Hammers". Once you receive that message, Spiders will now be able to drop the Sledge Hammer, however it may take several hours, even with a mob/spider Farm, to actually acquire this item.


  • Sledge Hammers cannot be crafted, although had been for a short period
  • There is also the Greenstone Gold Sledge Hammer, which is similar to the Sledge Hammer, but with a different texture, less durability, and lesser skill requirements
  • On the start of a new Creative world, you will start with a Sledge Hammer along with 100 Marker blocks.