This is an outdated feature since version 1.8.
For a spawn created by a zone, see Zones#Spawn.

The Spawn (Note: The granite surface is 3x5x1.)

The Spawn (Default) was the player's default spawning when first entering a world or when respawning. It is created at the creation of the new world. Note: Spawn-points are subject to change by using zones as spawn-points.

The players will start out at the Spawn upon their first time entering the world. The Spawn can be overriden by setting up a zone to be the new spawn point, however, this will always exist, and as soon as there are no spawn zones in the world, players will spawn at the Spawn again.

The Spawn will always have a 3x5x1 Granite platform with a Block Shop and an Item Shop are present near the player at the creation of a new world, in order to help players at the start of the game.


The Granite platform must been put there to designate the original spawn and also is used as a starting area for making islands in creative worlds covered in lava or water.

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