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Zombie Unlockable

Unlockable Only From Surival Game-Mode

Survival The 1.8 update introduced a beta version of Total Miner's new Survival mode. It has since seen many improvements based on player feedback up to its current state. As the name suggests this game mode is heavily focused on the player's ability to survive.

Unlike in Dig Deep mode, the only goal is for the player to survive. Survival functions similarly to Dig Deep maps with a few key differences.

  • 1. You can craft items without the use of blueprints.
  • 2. The map uses creative map size dimensions instead of the dimensions of the Dig Deep mode.
  • 3. No peaceful difficulty.

The use of rares are still in this mode as well as all the other features of Dig Deep with the exception of the changes stated above.

Take note that in Survival mode you do not have the option to change to peaceful difficulty. You will always be at risk. A separate game mode simply called "Peaceful" was made for players who wanted the ability to play on a survival world without the danger.

Current List Of Mobs

  • Goblin
  • Spider
  • Zombie
  • Dryad
  • Djinn
  • Orc
  • Diablo
  • Werewolf
  • TrollChief
  • Duck (Passive)
  • Sheep (Passive)
  • Alpaca (Passive)
  • Ayrshire Cow (Passive)
  • Highland Cow (Passive)


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