Teleport Block.

A Teleport block is the two transparent blocks above an active Obsidian, which are required for teleportation.

The Teleport block can be purchased for 60 Gold Pieces and sold for 50 Gold Pieces at the Block Shop.

Description Edit

"Ooo the pretty lights"

Uses Edit

  • To be used over Obsidian for teleporting to another Obsidian
  • To use as a non-solid light block

Material and Tool EfficiencyEdit

Material: Vapor

Resistance: 1000

Pickaxe Efficiency 70%

Shovel Efficiency 100%

Hatchet Efficiency 50%

Weapon Efficiency 30%

How to ObtainEdit

Teleport blocks will spawn above Obsidian placed by a player if there are no other blocks obstructing two blocks above the Obsidian. Teleport blocks cannot be gathered in a players inventory in normal situations, requiring a player to purchase them at the Block Shop for use other than with Obsidian.

Skill Statistics Edit

Building Level Requirement: Level 59

Experience Per Use: 3.95 Exp.

Mining Level Requirement: Level 59

Experience Per Use: 1.1 Exp.


  • Teleport Blocks can be placed down normally, but cannot be targeted like any other block, requiring a player to either destroy them with explosives, or with Creative Tools such as Clear (Only available in Creative Mode). They can also be removed by placing an Obsidian block below them and destroying the then placed Obsidian.
  • Despite not being able to be targeted by players, the block still has set skill requirements for mining, and tool efficiencies
  • In previous versions of Total Miner, the Teleport block had a purple, semi-translucent texture, but was changed in Version 1.8.

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