A texture pack in Total Miner. (Do NOT use this photo on any other page as it includes a different texture than the original.)

Texture Packs are a graphic option that changes the way the Blocks/Items look, When update 1.1 was in being made Craig gave players the opportunity to make Total Miner look any way they wanted with texture packs. Six were admitted into Retail Release, allowing players to modify the way their world looked. As of 2.1 there are 26 in the game and a few being worked on.

Texture packs are made by the community, They can only be one of three options,

16x16 (Original)


64x64 (HD)

Texture PacksEdit

This list is incomplete! Please add the rest of the texture packs below.
  • Original
  • Original HD
  • Original HD Autumn
  • Original HD Winter
  • Original HD Spring
  • SteamPunk HD
  • Rupture HD
  • CelticGems
  • Christmas
  • Deeper
  • Future
  • Horror
  • Modern Miner
  • Natural
  • PxlMiner
  • Rockhound
  • Ship Shape
  • Simpler Miner
  • Smooth SciFi
  • Sympodial
  • Testers Unite
  • The Great Dig
  • Total
  • Visionize


pixel gun 3d by betty201053

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