Titanium Pickaxe

The Titanium Pickaxe

The Titanium Pickaxe is the highest tier pickaxe that is tipped with Titanium Ingots.


"The ultimate pickaxe. A diamond pickaxe at it's core, but the blade is titanium tipped. You can mine to the bottom of the world with this puppy, and the bottom of the world is deep. It is crafted from 1 diamond pickaxe and 2 titanium carbide bars."

How to ObtainEdit

Crafted with two Titanium Ingots in the 4th and 6th slots, and a Diamond Pickaxe in the 8th slot in a Workbench.

Stats and BonusesEdit

General Stats
  • Class: Titanium
  • Power: 1200/65000
  • Durability: 4000/4000
Attack Stats
  • Damage: 7
  • Reach: 1.50
  • Speed: 0.27
  • Delay: 0.00
Skill Stats
  • Use Requirements: Mining 70
  • Use XP gained: 4.5
  • Craft Requirements: Smithing 70
  • Craft XP gained: 21.6

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