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Total Miner: Forge (a.k.a Total Miner) is an Xbox LIVE Indie Game sandbox style game for 240 Microsoft Points ($3.00 US) created by Craig Martin, head of Greenstone Games. Total Miner is inspired by games like Minecraft and other sandbox style games. Total Miner focuses on mining to the deepest depths and Survival. Total Miners Dig Deep Mode contains massive cave systems containing blueprints and wisdom scrolls for players to track down.

Total Miner Blueprint
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Game ModesEdit

Dig Deep cave system.
Currently as of version 2.0 , there are four game modes available, Dig Deep, Creative, Survival Mode, and Peaceful Mode.

In Dig Deep Mode Players are guided by Blueprints which unlock items and blocks to progress mining deep underground.

Creative Mode gives players unlimited resources and unique tools to create a world of their own making. A
Creative Mode*
Creative Mode world allows players to generate terrain based on the Grasslands, Semi-Alpine, Desert, and Flat Land. Flat Land allows players to generate a completely flat map based on which block picked when creating a new world.

In the Survival Game Mode, a new game mode added to the game, Players are free to craft any items and blocks without blueprints*. A day and night cycle helps regulate when monsters spawn in.

  • While in the Survival Game Mode, some blocks and items will be locked in the shops, first requiring that they be crafted or Prospected(can be done by pressing "Y" on the highlighted block).

Player PermissionsEdit

Total Miner has a concept called permissions for multiplayer. Permissions establishes players' abilities to do actions where the admins can agree upon. There are currently six working player permissions , and one that is disabled. Below are the seven player permissions.


Ability to remove and place blocks.


Ability to toggle a map on the top-left of the screen. How To: Pause -> Player -> Options


Ablility to use explosives (e.g. C4, grenade, TNT, etc.).


Ablility to fly in Creative Mode by pressing "x" to activate fly.


Ability to interact with blocks including chests , furnaces , sentry turrets , etc. Crates can be used even if the player permission grief is not granted.


Total Miner diamond hatchet
Crafting a Diamond hatchet.
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Players have the ability to craft items and blocks by hand or by a workbench. When using workbenches, certain items or blocks are required to be placed in a specific place to craft the specific item or block wanted.

There is a option called "Easy Craft" listing every craftable item or block and how they are crafted. When first use of it, a pop-up will show up and state that easy craft will craft any unlocked item or block selected from the easy craft list. Pressing (x) will make the pop-up not show up again in the world the player is visiting.


Main Article: Mobs
New spider
Image of the new spiders
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Unlockables zombie
The Zombie Avatar Skin and is also the same skin used for zombies.
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There are currently zombies, spidersducks, djinns, and dryads. Zombies are agressive and slow moving. Dryads don't move very much but they have bows so they don't need to move very much. Dryads only move when they are trying to get you in their sight. Spiders


Marker show the efficiency of Total Miner to create marvelous structures and buildings. Markers currently have two uses. Markers can be used as a point to create zones for spawns , editing, and PvP. In Creative , markers are used to fill or clear blocks in a certain area (up to a 64x64x64 demensions).


There is a total of five updates to the game. Currently the latest update is version 2.0.

The 1.8 update is a update that brought its players back with new interphases. One of the main additions is the new day/night cycle. The update features "rewriting the engine, the RAM usage will be slashed, and the game will be able to grow and handle massively detailed builds + lots of new content."[1]

The next update, update 2.0.1, is a bug fix update for 2.0


There has been heavy criticism against Total Miner for attempting to "copy" Minecraft. Total Miner is not found as an exact copy to Minecraft or plagiarism in its development, and has listed Minecraft as an inspiration to Total Miner in their Credits. Many crtics say Total Miner is just basically Minecraft.

Despite this, a number of gamers would still ignore the acceptance of Total Miner being an open sandbox game that is independent in its design and foundation to Minecraft.[citation needed]

Recently, Total Miner tweeted on Twitter: "TM:F becomes the #1 best selling Xbox Indie Game on the US Chart."[2]



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