Total Miner Credits is found in the main title menu, listing every aspect of the game credited for. Total Miner is developed and run by Studio Forge (Formally Greenstone Games).

Despite being a great game designer, the developer encounters issues with his life as well as rewriting new game mechanics with add-ons to the game for Total Miner: Forge.


  • Craig Martin

    Craig Martin, a developer of Total Miner

    Craig MartinGame Design and Development
  • Stephen MartinGraphics Artist and Avatar Models

Former Known Developers:Edit

  • Nick V. (nickev123) - Former Marketing and Web Development
  • Andrew S. (Durandal) - Public Relations and Media Designer
  • Steven Wilson[1]System Worlds and Component Packs
  • Campbell - PC Developer (Helping with port and Modding API)

Testing TeamEdit

  • MechaWho
  • TM Clerical  (Clerical)
  • Jamen Nunley | v Zoidberg v  (Zoidberg)
  • Amy | Milkshakez7z  (Kitty)
  • Las3rShark  (Conmaan)
  • Brandon S. | Get Inn The Jet (RF Inn The Jet)


Bob - Forum Moderator and Creator

Tom - Groups Manager


  • Kevin MacLeod (Royalty Free Music) - Music


Totalminer In-Game Credits/Official total miner team topic on the forums.




This is hardest badge to get on Total Miner Wiki.

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