Total Rush is an mini-game available through the Arcade Machine block, based off of "Score Rush" from Xona Games on the Xbox Live Indie Games marketplace (XBLIG)

How to PlayEdit

The player uses the left analog stick to move, and the right analog stick to turn their ship and fire simultaneously. The player can also use either the left bumper or right bumper to use a "Smartbomb". The player is invulnerable during the blast shake of a Smartbomb. Smartbombs are also used as additional fire power for the player, and as extra lives in the form of tail ships. A player's ship can be shot through excluding a small red section within the center, and when hit will either sacrifice a tail ship or be Game Over.



  • When rapidly putting coins into the machine, the amount of credits may reset.


  • There was a Robotic contest held after the 2.44 update focused on getting the highest score in Total Rush against other players in the contest. It was the final contest held for the Xbox 360 edition of Total Miner.

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