The Wood Bow

The wood bow was recently added in the 1.5 update. To make the bow you need 1 block of Woven Leaves and 3 wood planks. It fires arrows as projectiles, it works like a grenade launcher in the way that when you shoot a projectile after a certain distance it starts heading down towards the ground. The Bow does small to large amounts damage depending on the type of arrows being used. The bow can instantly fire arrows (with a short cooldown, 25% faster than the grenade launcher's cooldown) between as there is no in-game animation for the player pulling back the bow string, therefore there is also no difference between the speed and distance an arrow can achieve depending on the length of time the player holds 'RT' to fire an arrow.

Flint Arrow- 10 HP

Iron Arrow- 15 HP

Steel Arrow- 20 HP

Diamond Arrow- 25 HP

Ruby Arrow- 50 HP

Titanium Arrow- 90 HP

Boom Arrow- 15 HP with explosion damage added

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