Total Miner wood sign
A wood sign can have text and can be edited on. A wood sign can be crafted using 7 wood planks. A player with the permission grief can place and edit the wood sign on a block either on the top or on any of the sides of the block.

Once a sign is removed it becomes a sign block, which can no longer stand upon the ground as a sign (it basically loses the stick that supports the sign), and can only be placed flat upon another block.

New lines can be added by using _ in the edit.

A sign's texture can be customised by prospecting (Y) and pressing A.


  • If the block is removed while a wood sign is placed on it, the wood sign would not be removed.
  • Unlike it's Minecraft counterpart that doesn't allow cussing in it's signs, totalminer forge players can freely type cussing into their signs without having it censored.

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