Wooden Doors are partly decorative, partly functional wooden items used to help define structures and rooms. They must be placed in a gap which is at least two blocks high and one block wide. They may be opened and closed using either the left or right triggers, which sometimes creates difficulty when trying to remove doors.

Wooden Doors are placed on the edges of blocks as opposed to the center, and have a 'double-door function', meaning that if two doors are placed next to eachother, the handles are adjacent to eachother to create a double door.

Wooden Doors can be crafted at a workbench, using six wood planks, with a plank placed on all squares except the upper, lower and center right squares. They may be also purchased at the item shop.


  • Doors can't be broken by mobs, nor can they be interacted with by mobs.
  • Sledge Hammers cannot break doors, however can only be used to interact with doors.

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