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Zeus Avatar Skin

Zeus Avatar Skin

The Zeus Avatar Skin is an unlockable that can be only be used by the developers/creators of Total Miner. As its name would suggest it resembles the Greek deity Zeus or also known as Jupiter.

The avatar skin has blue eyes, golden hair, eyebrows, and beard, a white toga, holding a lightning bolt in his left hand, and appears muscular.

Like the robotic avatar he has special powers, however the zeus has many more powers including all permissions on all maps and being able to use creative features on any game-mode and not being able to be kicked from games, along with infinite health and the ability to one hit everything.

Has several other powers that only members of the team knows.

This Skin also resembles the DemiGod & DemiGoddess Avatars, As the term DemiGod implies the child of god (In this case the god being Zeus)


  • If a developer places a Zeus NPC on your map, you will automatically receive the DemiGod & DemiGoddess Avatars, This will not be the case in the 2.1 update

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