Zones are a new feature added in the 1.7 update. Zones are created by placing down two markers, and opening the start menu, selecting "Zones," and then "Add Zone." Once you have selected the option to Add Zone, it opens up an Xbox 360 typing screen, which allows you to assign a name towards that zone you have just created.

Once you have created a zone, and named it, you can go back to the Zones selection in the pause menu, and select the option "Edit Zones." This allows you to edit the characteristics of that zone, namely: Whether players may spawn there (The area must have a 2-block air pocket in which a player is capable of spawning in), whether PVP is allowed within the Zone, and whether people are allowed to edit within the Zone. This also allows for the owner to designate a "builder," where if "edit" is disallowed, then this person is given an exception, and allowed to construct within the zone regardless of other players.

Zones can only be created, deleted, and Toggled(Visible or invisible) by the owner, or an Admin (Needs verification).

It is possible to delete a zone within the Edit Zones screen, highlighting the zone name, and pressing Y.

Zone OptionsEdit

As of version 1.7, there are currently three options for Zones


Markers can now be used for spawns after the release of version 1.7. Spawns yet still a bit buggy, can be used to keep griefers contained and help you keep friends close at hand. To place a confined area for the spawn, the area is required to be free of blocks for players to spawn.

Note: Selecting spawn will not allow the admin to select edit or PvP. When edit or PvP is selected, selecting spawn will not be allowed.


Players can edit the area if edit is selected. If not, players cannot edit that area nor the admin who created the zone can.


If PvP (Plaver versus Player ) is selected, all players can attack each other in that area. This can be useful in arenas and fighting zones and to avoid attacking the audience if there are any.


  • Once a zone is set as a Spawn point, players are capable of spawning anywhere within that zone, as long as its within a "legal" position.
  • If there are two "Spawn" zones, then the players have a random chance of spawning within either of the two, (or more) zones.
  • Once a Spawn zone is set, it overrides the world's initial spawn, however, upon deleting that zone, or editing it to no longer be a Spawning zone, the players will spawn at the world's initial spawn point, so long as there are no other spawn zones set.

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